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Clean it Up

Temporary and junk files get left behind on your computer every day, taking up disk space and slowly degrading your computer's performance.

Finding and deleting these files is time-consuming and tricky — if you don't know what you're doing, you could very easily delete something critical. In a worst-case scenario, your computer's worse off than when you started. Editing the registry is even trickier. Even with step-by-step instructions, it's easy to do something wrong, leaving you with a bigger problem. All because you wanted to optimise your computer?

AOL Computer Checkup automates this process by safely searching out unnecessary files and cleaning them up. You can run a complete maintenance diagnostic at any time you choose, so that your computer is continuously being optimised for its best performance TRY IT NOW

Disk Optimisers

Lock it Down

They say the only truly secure computer is one that's unplugged and encased in concrete. All the same, it pays to keep your data as secure as you can. Nothing beats reliable, off-site backup, but with AOL Computer Checkup, you can not only optimise your computer, you get free local backup of your data — pictures, documents, videos, and even data you didn't know was critical.

And what about security and privacy? We've got that covered too. AOL Computer Checkup doesn't just speed up your computer and free up valuable system resources — it also helps you keep your data and files safe. AOL Computer Checkup features backup, file encryption, and tools to clean up and safeguard your internet browsing history, so you can use your computer with confidence. TRY IT NOW

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It's Easy

If you're like most computer users, you don't sit down to your machine hoping it has problems for you to fix. Some people enjoy tinkering around in the guts of the machine, manually editing the registry in the hopes of getting a free computer speed upgrade — but if you just want to get some work done, why not automate the process and let the software do the hard work?

Not only is AOL Computer Checkup designed to be easy and simple to use, it is designed to make your whole life easier. Our PC Fixer software provides solutions to some of the most common PC problems and can fix them automatically, and the Startup Manager identifies programs you don't need and removes them. Your computer only runs the programs you need, which frees up computer resources and helps speed up your machine.

AOL Computer Checkup takes the guess-work out of remembering when to scan your system by allowing you to schedule a maintenance diagnostic ahead of time, so you don't have to worry about it — you can just enjoy the convenience and get back to work. TRY IT NOW

Speed up your PC

AOL Computer Checkup will not just help your slow computer run faster — it safeguards your data, enhances your privacy, and helps keep your machine optimised. If you're not happy with the results, just cancel your subscription before the trial period expires.