Clean it up. Speed it up. Lock it up.

When you delete applications and files from your computer, all kinds of junk gets left behind. Over time, your computer can get slow and sluggish. Worse yet, hidden privacy traces from your internet browsing history can compromise privacy.

AOL Computer Checkup is an effortless and automatic way to keep your computer optimised and helps you protect and secure your data. Our software runs a regular PC checkup on your machine, not only keeping your computer's registry clean, but cleaning up Internet browsing history as well. Start with a free 30-day trial. Then, it's only £39.95 a year to stay in the fast lane.* Here's what you get:

Video: How AOL Computer Checkup Works This video details how AOL Computer Checkup works.

Not sure how to get your slow PC back on track? AOL Computer Checkup's comprehensive diagnostics and repair features will do just that.

It's like having a geek on call 24-7 who knows every bit and byte of your computer, and will perform a regular system check up to keep it running at optimum performance. Find out how you can use Computer Checkup to keep your machine optimised.

Removes traces of Internet browsing history and
can encrypt sensitive files.

So you, your PC and your privacy are protected from prying eyes. Use your computer with confidence with our Privacy Cleaner and File Encryptor software. Find out how a regular PC checkup can help protect your valuable data.

Repairs broken registry entries that plague your computer.

Is your PC acting weird? AOL Computer Checkup identifies and removes broken and missing registry entries that can cause irritating performance problems... Learn More

A PC check up removes the useless stuff left behind when installing and uninstalling programs..

Deleting applications and files can leave behind all kinds of junk on your PC. A PC check up can clear them out and keep your machine running smoothly. If there's junk on your PC, AOL Computer Checkup searches it out and cleans it up... Find out how Computer Checkup can clean out the extraneous junk from your PC.

Analyzes system settings and identifies ways to improve security.

AOL Computer Checkup provides an overall system security status, letting you know whether or not you're protected from the latest online threats. Our File Shredder software will perform a PC check up to make sure the data you want deleted is truly gone. Learn how Computer Checkup can analyse your system security and permanently delete files from your machine.

Instantly recovers files you accidently delete.

Whoops! Didn't mean to erase that ultra-important file? No worries. AOL Computer Checkup allows you to perform regular local backups and recover lost files, so you know your data is safe from loss... Learn more about how AOL Computer Checkup can locally backup your files and protect them from accidental deletion.

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System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows 8 / Win 7 / Vista (either 32- or 64-bit) and XP (32 bit) with service pack 3 installed.
512 MB of RAMInternet Explorer 6.0+ 150 MB of disk space
Internet connection (broadband recommended)